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Our Fresh Apple Cider

Millstone Creek Orchards is one of the few licensed non-pasteurized cider mills left in the state of North Carolina.  We press the finest juices from the finest fruits.  Throughout the season the cider will have slightly different flavors such as tartness and sweetness.  No matter what time of the year you purchase your cider you will not be disappointed, it’s a flavor burst that will keep you coming back for more.

If you are not sure what the difference between 100% pure non-pasteurized apple cider and apple juice that you purchase in the store is we will give you a little history.  Our apple cider is in it's “raw” form, we do not heat or cook to kill the naturally occurring yeasts found in the fruits.  Since we do not heat or pasteurize, our cider must be kept refrigerated or frozen to prevent fermentation which usually can begin about one week after it’s pressed.   If fermentation is allowed to start, the cider will begin to become slightly carbonated and eventually become so-called hard cider as the fermentation process turns sugar into alcohol.  

During season we press fresh apple cider every week right here at the orchard.  Did you know we use at least 4 different varieties of apples to make our cider?  This balances the sweet and tart and gets that flavor you love!

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In 2015, we were honored to have our apple cider served at the NC Lieutenant Governor's Christmas Open House. It was such an amazing experience to have our fresh cider recognized in such a special way.

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Some Fun Facts About Our Cider:

~Since our cider is all fresh & all natural, it must be kept in the fridge.

~It will keep for about 10 days in the fridge (But most people drink it long before that!

~We also sell it frozen --> there is no compromise in the frozen juice compared to the fresh.

~Our juice is cold pressed - no heat is used so that we can preserve all the natural goodness of the cider.

~Our cider is lightly filtered, so there tends to be some settling in the bottom of the jug.  No worries - it's just apple bits!

~One 1/2 gallon jug contains the juice of approximately 25-30 apples.  That's why it's so tasty!

~We give out free samples of our cider at the orchard every single day. Stop by today for your free sample!

At Millstone Creek Orchards, your health and safety are our utmost concern which is why we choose to follow very strict licensing processes.  Once pressed, our cider is pumped into a 300 hundred gallon cooling tank where it’s then hand jugged and labeled.  Available all season on a limited basis.  Please call ahead to reserve large quantities.