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What's Fresh in the Apple Barn?


What's Cooking In Granny's Kitchen?

This week, our Apple Bread, is fresh out of the oven. Fall means all things apples, and our apple bread is loaded with fresh apples. Need something that says fall, pick up a loaf of apple bread for a hearty breakfast, mid-afternoon snack, or topped with a little vanilla ice cream for dessert. It’s the easiest treat that everyone’s sure to love!

In addition to yummy baked goods, there's always fresh canned goods available in the Apple Barn! A few of our favorites...Apple Butter, Grandmother Isom's Sweet Pickles, and Byrd's BBQ Sauce. What's your favorite? 


What's Fresh From the Orchard?

Fall is here, so it's all about APPLES all day everyday! Stop by the Apple Barn to pick up fresh, crisp apples. Stock up on some yummy apples while our apple sale continues! 

 This week's varieties include: golden delicious, fuji, york, arkansas black, rome, pink lady, winesap, and granny smith. 

And we can't forget about our fresh-pressed apple cider! We've been waiting for this time of year since last fall, and it's finally cider time again. Stop by the Apple Barn to pick up a 1/2 gallon ($5.95) of fresh cider. For large orders, call us at 336-824-5263 to reserve your order.