Rules & Frequently Asked Questions


Millstone Creek Orchards is a Working Orchard...

We welcome you to experience the fun of harvesting our wonderful fruit straight from the tree / bush / vine.  We ask that you and your family respect this privilege and that you respect our property, our employees and the rules. Please treat the orchard as if it were your own.  Everything below has been put into place to protect and ensure the safety of our visitors.

A few simple rules makes the day go better for everyone.



  1. LEAVE THE PETS AT HOME!  We love animals and especially dogs but our orchard processes our fruits into juice, jams and bakery items so animals are not permitted by NCDA.
  2. Wear appropriate clothing.  You will be entering a country outdoor orchard environment.  There could be mud. It could be hot! There will be dust! The wind might be blowing.  Be prepared to walk on bumpy uneven ground.
  3. Wear closed toed shoes.  Do not wear flip flops! There are sticks and dry grass in the orchard that will poke your toes.
  4. All unattended kids will be given a free kitten and two shots of espresso. (not really)... PLEASE KEEP TRACK OF YOUR CHILDREN.  This is a big and exciting place for youngsters and they can get easily distracted.  Keep them with your at all times.
  5. Bees are important to our orchard, but bee stings can be dangerous to those who are allergic to them. Please be aware of any bee sting allergies among your group and be prepared to render any emergency first aid that may be needed.
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**If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please call us at 336-824-5263 and we'll be happy to help.  :) 

1. Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express) as well as cash. 

2. What kind of fruit do you have available for U-pick? 

We have a variety of fruits and veggies available for a wonderful u-pick experience. Visit our u-pick fruits and veggies page for more information and picking seasons.

3. Do you use pesticides on your fruits and vegetables? 

We are considered a limited spray orchard, in between organic and commercial farms. We use as little amount pesticides on our produce as possible and use only when required. We recommend that you wash your fruits and veggies before eating. We strictly adhere to all rules and regulations. If you ever have any questions, please ask us. We are always happy to help. 

4. Where do we go to pick our own fruit?

Depending on the season, the location of our u-pick headquarters varies. Please consult our u-pick rules/tips page for weekday/weekend u-pick tips. Always check our website for picking conditions before visiting for most current conditions.