Where it all began...

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It all started when…

Millstone Creek Orchards began in 2001, when Byrd and Diane Isom planted the first rows of apple trees alongside Parks Crossroad Church Rd. At first, Byrd's plan consisted of selling fresh apples out of the back of his pickup truck. However, in 2004, Millstone Creek Orchards opened their doors to the community and  14 years later we are still here and happier than ever. Millstone Creek Orchards a family-owned and operated orchard that loves sharing what we do with you and your family and helping everyone to enjoy the wonders of Mother Nature. We now have 18 acres full of farm-fresh blackberries, blueberries, peaches, grapes, apples, pumpkins, and pecans, which are all available for u-pick.  

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Our History


The beginnings of MCO

Following Dad's vision, we  opened the front doors to The Apple Barn Country Store in 2004, and the first u-pick customers started arriving. In addition to picking their own fruit, customers also enjoyed a hayride, picnic, or a walk through our nature trails.  


Granny's Kitchen is Born

Over the years the farm has continued to change with the times. During the 2008 season, we introduced Granny’s Kitchen, our on-site bakery and cannery, and made our first wine cake. Since 2008, we’ve expanded our orchard goodies to more than 12 different baked goods and  5 canned goods. A little sugar, a little spice, and everything yummy comes from Granny’s Kitchen.


Apple Cider...An Orchard Favorite

While we started hand pressing fresh apple cider when we opened, in 2009, we added a commercial cider pressing machine and a 300 gallon cooling/holding tank. We learned that pressing cider by hand was too slow for such a high demand, and our commerical cider presser now makes pressing cider faster and a bit easier. 



With every good apple cider, there is an even better apple cider donut

In 2015, after so many requests and suggestions for Apple Cider Donuts from our guests, Granny’s Goodies, home of our famous Apple Cider Donuts, made their first batch of donuts. Our fresh apple cider is now sold fresh, hot, slushied, and in donut form. Baked fresh every Saturday and Sunday mornings in the fall and winter months, these hot and fresh apple cider donuts have guests lined up at the gate. Sprinkled with a little cinnamon sugar and paired with an apple cider slushie makes every day at the Orchard a great one.

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for Sweet Retreat ice cream

Granny's Kitchen, Granny's Goodies …what’s next? That’s a question that we ask ourselves at the end of every season, and this year, we said…An Ice Cream Parlor! Featuring 12 mouthwatering ice cream flavors, milk shakes, floats, a sundae station, and a seasonal specialty, Sweet Retreat is going to be cooler than cool!


14 seasons later...

This year, we are celebrating our 14th season, and we're still as happy and in love with our work as we were the first day we opened our doors. We love sharing our family orchard with your family, and we hope you have made and will make as many wonderful family memories as we have.