Granny's Goodies 


Home of Our Famous Apple Cider Donuts

In 2015, after so many requests and suggestions for Apple Cider Donuts, we decided that it was time to buy a donut machine. From there, Granny's Goodies was born and our fresh apple cider is now sold in donut form and mixed into the batter. Baked fresh every Saturday and Sunday mornings in the fall and winter months, these hot and fresh apple cider donuts have guests lined up at the gate. Sprinkled with a little cinnamon sugar and paired with an apple cider slushie makes every day at the Orchard, a great one.

Come early Saturday and Sunday mornings during our events to be the first in line. You might even get a free sample! As soon as you step out of the car, you can smell cinnamon and apple cider in the air! Try dipping them in our apple cider dipping sauce...oh man is it good!